The Hatchery

Shetland Yard: The Hatchery, is located in scenic Orr's Island of Harpswell, Maine. Nestled away on Long Cove, The Hatchery is a quiet and private sanctuary where we raise our foals with great care. Our first priority is always safety, and our ponies' health, both physical and mental. They are well-socialized from their first days, and are simultaneously raised in a natural herd environment.



The Hatchery is located at a private residence. Visits to The Hatchery are available by appointment only.



At this time, we are not looking to sell our foals.

Our Foals

May 25, 2018

Porsche gave birth to her third foal, and first colt, Rapscallion, son of Scallywag. He was born a few weeks premature, but remained under close observation and is doing great!

April 23, 2017

Shetland Yard: The Hatchery welcomed our first foal, Pillywiggins! Filly by Scallywag & Porsche. She was strong-willed, bold and curious from her first steps. 


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