Shetland Yard is owned by Stobie Piel, and her daughters, Natassja and Sofia Voltin. Long admirers of the hardy, good-natured Shetland Pony, the family imported two weanling colts from breeders Mari Williamson of Benston Stud and Annette Hunter of Benstonholm Stud, both in the Shetland Islands, Scotland. As Scallywag and Rumpus entered their third year, they'd proven above and beyond expectations, delightful, well-mannered ponies already learning to drive and under saddle, for very small riders! Inspired by the quality of the two ponies, they imported two mares from Mari. Rhianna and Porsche have been an absolutely delightful addition to the equine family, and both love attention.

Natassja Voltin has been riding all her life, starting with her pony, Petunia. She worked for years as a stable hand, assisted at riding camps and lessons. She received her Level 1 English riding certification, and is a certified instructor in Embodied Assisted Equine Therapy. She offers Equine Assisted Emotional-Spiritual Growth sessions and teaches beginner riding lessons at Shetland Yard. Her goal is to work with children and others who would like to experience horses in a holistic manner, understanding their nature, their care, and inspiring a love of the animal.

Natassja & Coya

Dustin Corro started riding at the age of eight. He has ridden many disciplines—from high levels of Dressage to barrel racing and team penning. Dustin worked for the world famous Arabian Nights, performing as a trick rider. Recently, he has been competing all over the east coast as a show jumper with his horse, Ru. Dustin is now based at Shetland  Yard, where he teaches riding lessons and offers training services.

Please call or text (207) 402-4820 to inquire about services with Dustin.

Ru & Dustin

​Stobie Piel grew up on a horse and sheep farm in Abbot Village, Maine, where her parents imported New Forest Ponies from England, and later, the Hanoverian stallion, Gambrinus, from Germany. She competed in Pony Club, Three-Day Eventing and Dressage. As an adult, she owns a wonderful Quarter Horse named Mugsy, while maintaining a commitment to the old fashioned, sturdy and good-natured Shetland Pony. She is a co-owner of Shetland Yard.

Sofia Voltin has also ridden throughout her life. She spent a few seasons showing her horse, Pippin, in AQHA shows in New England and was a member of the equestrian team at Sarah Lawrence College. Sofia is the media manager at Shetland Yard.

Sofia & Pippin

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